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  • The Physical Chemistry Seminar Series is designed to be a forum for junior and senior researchers to present their work to the Columbia community.

    Benjamin Dach: Treasurer 2008-2009, Secretary 2009-2010

  • Mentor for female Barnard College students in sciences/math fields - Ellane Park

  • Teacher for First Starsvalley Space Camp, Hosted by SongAm Observatory in Korea

    Ellane Park: taught physics with NASA scientists

    Posters and Conferences

  •  J. Guo, N. Xu, N. J. Turro and J. Ju. “Four-color DNA sequencing with hybrid Sanger and SBS approach” at the NHGRI Sequencing Technology Conference, San Diego, CA, March 18, 2008.

  •  J. Guo, A. A. Martí, Z. Li, J. Dyer, S. Jockusch, N. Stevens, S. Kalachikov, I. Morozova, J. Russo, P. Lovell, T. Ha, A. Kohn, L. L. Moroz, N. J. Turro, J. Ju. “Novel Fluorescent Probes for the Detection of mRNA in Living Cells” at the International Conference on Genomics, Hangzhou, China, October 25, 2006.