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A Symposium on Newer Trends in Photochemistry
in Honor of Nicholas J. Turro 70th Birthday
May 23-24, 2008
Location : Columbia University Department of Chemistry

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Friday, May 23
Havemeyer Hall, Lecture Hall 309
9:20 AM Opening remarks
9:30 AM Yoshihisa Inoue, Osaka University, Japan
Wavelength-Dependent Chiral Photochemistry.
10:05 AM Ed Lee-Ruff, York University, Canada
Photochemical Generation of Thiophene Analogs of 9-Fluorenyl Cations.
10:40 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM William Jenks, Iowa State University, USA
Photocatalysis and Photocatalysts: Application of a Turro Paradigm to TiO2 Photochemistry.
11:35 AM Andre Braun, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
VUV-Photochemical Oxidation of Polystyrene:  Surface Functionalization of Films and Aerosol Particles.
12:10 PM Guillermo Orellana, Universidad Computense de Madrid, Spain
Effective Solar Water Disinfection by Novel Dyed-Polymer Sensitization.
12:45 PM Lunch at Havemeyer Hall 7th floor
Poster Session
1:45 PM Frans De Schryver, KU Leuven, Belgium
Dancing with Molecules.
2:20 PM Francesca Ottaviani, University of Urbino, Italy
EPR investigations of Supramolecular Systems Involving Dendrimers, Zeolites and Nano Capsules - A Never-Ending Ever-Growing Collaboration with Nick Turro.
2:55 PM Robert Bittl, FU Berlin, Germany
Spin Chemistry in Blue-Light Photoreceptors?
3:30 PM Coffee Break
3:45 PM Stefan Bossmann, Kansas State University, USA
Photo-Gated Porin Channels.
4:20 PM Frederick Lewis, Northwestern University, USA
Dynamics of Charge Transfer Processes in DNA.
4:55 PM Bernhard Kraeutler, University of Innsbruck, Austria
The Blue Blush of the Banana.
5:30 PM Closing Remarks
6:30 PM Reception at Lerner Hall, Auditorium Lobby
7:00 PM Banquet at Lerner Hall, Arledge Auditorium East

Saturday, May 24
9:30 AM Light breakfast available
Informal discussions,
Reviews of current research
Tour of our new laboratories Chandler 7th floor
12:00 PM Lunch

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