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Turro Group Committees (May 2011)

Normally, at the first group meeting of each month there should be a report from the Chair of each committee on any relevant activities concerning the committee since the last meeting. At the last meeting of each month there will be a discussion of items that should be on the agenda for the committee meetings. Agendas should be maintained so that it can be determined from month to month which items have been closed and which items remain open.

Finance Committee:
           Ben (Chair), Steffen

Group Library and Literature Committee: Library Website
           Amy (Chair), Yongjun, Ben

Professionalism Committee:
           Yongjun (Chair), Steffen, Amy

Instruments Committee:
           Steffen (Chair), Yongjun, Ben, Yi

Computer Services Committee:
           Jeffrey* (File Servers, Computers, Web Server), Ben (Printers, Xerox)

Executive Committee:
           Turro (Chair), Steffen, Amy, Yongjun

Safety Committee:
           Xia (Chair)

*Call or email for assistance