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AC-80 Instructions:


Acquisition of 1H-NMR:
Follow this protocol for acquiring standard proton NMR using the AC80. The instrument should always have the 50mg Ethylbenzene/ d6-acetone (EB sample) sample in place when the instrument is not in use, and should be locked on this sample to prevent the field from drifting.
1) Turn of Lock and Spinner.
2) Replace EB sample with your sample (check depth with depth gauge).
3) Turn spinner on.
4) Adjust field to center on lock signal.
5) Turn on Lock. If the system does not lock immediately, slightly adjust field to lock.
6) Shim the Y and R2 shims to maximize the lock signal. Do not adjust the other shims. If the spectra is showing poor lineshape or sidebands contact Ashok.
7) Read in job:
ex. RE H1ACETON will read in the job for proton NMR in d6-Acetone.
8) Check receiver gain by running a spectra (ZG enter), if the FID is chopped off at its top, then reduce the receiver gain by typing (RG enter) followed by a value smaller than the value displayed. Hit ZG to check signal again.
9) If reciver gain is Ok, then wait for acquisition to finish.
10) When acquisition is complete type EF for fourier transform.
11) Type EP to enter expansion and phasing mode.
12) Type CTRL R for complete spectrum, and CRTL B if you want an expansion.
13) Phase the spectrum using the command B followed by P in the EP Mode.
14) Use The C knob to correct the phase of the biggest peak.
15) Use the D knob to correct the other peaks.
16) Type M to memorize the phase.
17) Type F to enter plot limits:
ex F1 10P <enter> F2 OP <enter> for a spectra between 10-0 ppm
18) Type X to plot the spectrum.