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Varian GC 3900

Delivered on 6/11/02, Installed on 6/12, 13/02 Top

Inventory List

CG: Model 3900, S/N: 748 Autosampler: CP-8410, S/N: 20761 Computer: Dell Optiplex 150/Win 98 Top

Known Problems

Missing parts: Power cord for GC, cross cord (Ethernet cable and hub) Noted on installation sheet and ordered by CL. Top

Bruker Contacts

Sales: John Raffa (800)926-3000, ext. 3046 Service: Cliff Leavitt, ext. 4098 Top

Operation Instructions

Special Attention This section is important since the software offers limited validity check and safety guards. Wrong setups will be accepted and the instrument harmed without warning.

  1. Column flowrate. Set at 2 to 3ml/min for capillary columns.

  2. How to set up splitless injection: time, status and split ratio: initial, on, 10; 0.01, off, off; 0.75, on, 100. Shut off split all together will leave junk on the injector port.

  3. Detector makeup gas: Helium 25ml/min; Hydrogen 30; Air 300; time constant should always be FAST.

  4. Data Acquisition: Detector Bunch Rate should be 1point.

  5. Gas Supply to GC at the regulator exit: Hydrogen: 40psi, Air: 60psi, Helium; 80psi

  6. Leave detector on and hot when the GC is shutdown, makeup gases should be turned off. Turning detector on and off frequently can reduce the lifetime of the seal.

  7. Oven should not be totally turned off when not in use. Leave it at 50oC. Otherwise, fans get crazy. Top

Maintenance Instructions

Standard sample for performance: Varian Test Samples for FID. P/N 82-005048-07 1-ml ampules tetradecane, pentadecane, hexadecane at 30ng/ul each in isooctane inject splitless. Look for the three peaks.

Regular maintenance work:

  1. Bake column once a while depending on frequency of use. Say once a week. The more frequent, the cleaner the column.

  2. injector septum lifetime: about 50 injections.

  3. injector liner changed as needed. Top

Video Demo

Streaming video demo is available soon for software instructions. Top


Copy of service sheets Top