Online Ordering and Inventory System FAQs

1. How do I log into the system?
You can log using you UNI and the assigned password.  If you don't have or forgot your password please contact the website administrator.

2. When filling out a new order what fields are necessary to input?
The fields that are necessary to input are the company or companies the items are being ordered from, all the information about the items that are being ordered (company, productID, description, units), and whether or not it is a personal or group item.

3. Can CISE orders be handled through this system?
No, CISE orders must still be done using filemaker and be faxed over to engendering.

4. When I save an order, can it be viewed by the person in charge of ordering?
No, the order must first be submitted for review if you want the items visible to the purchaser.

5. What can I search by in the chemical inventory?
The chemical inventory allows searching by chemID, name, and CAS.

6. What inputing a new chemical into the inventory system what fields are necessary?
You should try to input as much information about the chemical as possible, but Name and Amount are absolutely necessary.

7. I want to order a cylinder of gas from TechAir, where can I find the catalog numbers?
The catalog numbers for cylinders from TechAir can be found below.