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  • Please follow the guidelines below when placing orders for chemicals and supplies:
    1. Fisher Scientific should be your first choice for ordering.
      * Fisher Discounted Pricing List (.doc)
        - Refer to "Discounted Pricing" list for common solvents and 'regular lab supplies'
      • Nitrile Gloves (S/M/L)
      • Kimwipes
      • Common Solvents and quantity to have on hand:
        • 2 x 20L Acetone (1 in use, 1 downstairs Flammable)
        • 4 x 4L Methylene Chloride
        • 4 x 4L Chloroform
        • 4 x 4L Hexane (one 4L in lab, 3 stored downstairs)
        • 4 x 4L Ethylacetate (one 4L in lab, 3 stored downstairs)
      • 5000 sheets of printer paper
      • Printer ink (Corporate Express)

      • Please check regularly, when down to last box/bottle, please see Ben Dach and he will restock by referring to FISHER order # indicated on "Discounted Pricing" list and enter into the Group Order website.

    2. VWR is your second choice:
        - Pricing is negotiable
        - No shipping/handling for the most part.

    3. Sigma-Aldrich is your third choice:
        - Doesn't care about competitive pricing.
        - Discounts not offered.
        - Shipping/handling charges apply for orders < $150.
        - $20 additional charge if truck shipment is required.

    4. ChemStores is your last choice (in emergencies only!):
        - 8% on top of cost of whatever you purchase via the white form.

  • Gas cylinders should be ordered from TechAir.
    * TechAir Pricing List (.pdf)