A Short Course on Infrared Spectroscopy
Taught by John Rabolt
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Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy: From Concept to Experiment
September 2009

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  1. Introduction to Vibrational Spectroscopy (SEPT 15): Download Lecture 1 [.ppt]

    • Different wavelength regions
      Instrumentation overview
      Absorption vs. Scattering
      Group frequencies

  2. Infrared Spectroscopy: FT vs. Dispersive (SEPT 24)

    • Evolution from gratings to interferometry
      Are we headed back to the future?
      Sensitivity to orientation
      Order and molecular configuration

  3. Raman spectroscopy: FT vs. Dispersive (SEPT 29)

    • Advantages of a non-invasive method
      Fluorescence good, bad or ugly?
      Changes in polarizability vs. changes in dipole moment

  4. Applications in Analytical Chemistry (OCT 8)

    • Thin films and monolayers
      Crystalline materials
      Prognosis for the future
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