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Directions to Columbia University

(1) Instructions from Penn Station to Columbia University, click here.
(2) Instructions on driving to Columbia University, click here.
(3) Columbia Map
(4) Information on local hotels (word document | PDF)
(5) Housing information for postdocs, visiting scientists, summer visitors and short term visitors, click here.
(6) Keycard access to Havemeyer Hall for non-Chemistry grad students, click here.

Here's how to get to Columbia Univ. by subway from Penn Station (The instructions will work from any Uptown Local 1 subway stop.

At Penn Station, look for the Subway (1) and Long Island Railroad (LIRR). You can buy a Metrocard at the booth just before the subway entrance. Look for the Uptown 1 train (Uptown and the Bronx). You will be at the 34th Street and Penn Station stop. Do not take the Express, since it does not stop at Columbia. The Local makes stops at 42 St, 50 St, 59 St, 66 St, 72 St, 79 St, 86 St, 96 St, 103 St, 110 St and 116 St. 116 St is the Columbia stop. (If you somehow miss and go down to 125th Street, go to the Downtown platform and take the next train one stop to 116th Street.) At 116th street (Columbia University), exit the station to the right via the revolving grate, and walk up to the street.

Walk one block to 117 Street, which is a gate that leads to the main campus (across the street is Barnard College). At the top of the stairs take a left (Mathematics is to your immediate left) and head toward Havemeyer, one of the main Chemistry buildings.

Go into Havemeyer, take an immediate left in the corridor and proceed past the mailboxes. You are on the 300 Havemeyer level. The main office is 344 Havemeyer. Enter and ask the receptionist to call me at 4-2175 or to give you directions to my office which is in the next building, 768 Chandler.

Alternatively you can take a taxi. If you do that ask the driver to take you to 117th Street and Broadway. If you get lost please give me a call at 212 854 2175.

Driving instructions to Chemistry at Columbia University.
You probably have your favorite way to drive to the vicinity of New York City. The best way to get to Columbia is to shoot for the George Washington Bridge from whatever direction you are coming. From New Jersey, you should shoot for the NJ Turnpike or Route 80 North. Both go directly into the George Washington Bridge. From Connecticut, I suggest that you get on the Saw Mill River Parkway which then becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway and then the West Side Highway and runs along the Hudson River and passes under the George Washington Bridge. After passing under the Bridge with the river on your right you are shooting for the 125th Street exit. The first exit after passing under the bridge is the 155th Street exit. You then pass under two overpasses and after the second, the 125th Street exit is coming up on the right.
Take the ramp down the 125th Street exit. You hit a stop sign with the river on your right and Fairway grocery. Your location is now 132ed Street. Continue straight ahead after the stop sign (one more stop sign and a light) until you see the ramp leading back onto the highway. Take the left just before the ramp. This is 125 Street. Continue along 125 Street to the first light and take a right at the light on Broadway. The garages for parking are on 122 Street just left off of Broadway and 120 Street just right off Broadway.
After parking the car, walk up Broadway to 117th Street and enter the campus to your left, up the stairs (to your right will be Barnard College). At the top of the stairs to your left you will see a building, Havemeyer. This is the main Chemistry building. Walk into the building and take a left. You’ll be heading toward some mailboxes. Go to room 344 Havemeyer (on campus entry level), the main office. Ask the receptionist to call me at 854 2175 or to give you directions on how to get to my office, 768 Chandler (you enter Chandler by continuing on the 300 level).


For a map of the campus and Columbia environs click here.

Good luck!!

Keycard access to Havemeyer Hall for non-Chemistry grad students.

For graduate students:
Talk to Dani. Email her at mdf2105@columbia.edu
Obtain the following information:
-Social Security # must be handed to Dani in person and not via email.
-End date of access to Havemeyer
-Confirmation emails from both the professor in Chemistry and the sponsor in the other Columbia department

All other visitors and students should read about keycard access here.