Please look over the schedule below and let the Boss know if there is a conflict. If you switch dates with someone else, please let Jeffrey know and he'll work something out for you.

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Refreshments
June 1 Rao Deville Lei
June 8 Mamone Chen Rao
June 15 No Meeting
June 25 (Friday) Sundaresan Dach Moscatelli C. Guo Deville, Mamone
June 29 No Meeting
July 6 No Meeting
July 13 Jockusch Y. Li Chen
July 20 Park Zhu Sundaresan
July 27 Moll Baldwin Margulies Smilowitz REU/RET
August 3 Lancaster Deville Dach
August 10 X. Li Frunzi Wagenaar Moscatelli
August 17 Lei Rao C. Guo
August 24 Chen Dach Jockusch
August 31 Sundaresan Moscatelli Y. Li
September 7 C. Guo Jockusch Park
September 14 Zhu Park Moll
September 21 Frunzi Moll X. Li
September 28 X. Li Lancaster Zhu
October 5 Y. Li Lei Frunzi

X. Li: Xia Li
Y. Li: Yongjun Li