December 2012 - March 2013

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are at 11am in the Turro conference room. If you switch dates with someone else, please let Steffen know.

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Refreshment
December 18 Juliana Agudelo Qianqian Li Juan Luo
January 8 Greg Kwolek (Safety training) Xuegong Lei
January 22 Xia Li Steffen Jockusch Yi Rao
February 5 Juan Luo Xuegong Lei Yongjun Li
February 19 Yi Rao Yongjun Li Gabriella
March 5 Gabriella Sanguineti Juliana Agudelo Qianqian Li
March 19 Qianqian Li Xia Li Juliana Agudelo
April 2 Steffen Jockusch Juan Luo Xia Li
April 16 Xuegong Lei Yi Rao Steffen Jockusch
April 30 Yongjun Li Gabriella Sanguineti Juan Luo