This page will act as a library to faciliate sharing of surface plasmon-related publications among the Turro Group and others.

The goal of this endeavour is to get a "feel" for the parameters of how plasmons couple with molecules. Just as in learning any new form of spectroscopy, this is probably best done with a little theory and a lot of real examples. Right now we have the following list of topics:

  • "Handbook of Surface Plasmon Resonance"
    RSC Publishing, 2008. [DOI]
    • Front matter [DOI]
    • Foreword [DOI]
    • Preface [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Contents [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to Surface Plasmon Resonance [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 2. Physics of Surface Plasmon Resonance [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 3. SPR Instrumentation [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 4. Kinetic Models Describing Biomolecular Interactions at Surfaces [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 5. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Ligand­Receptor Interactions: SPR Applications in Drug Development [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 6. Surface Chemistry in SPR Technology [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 7. Measurement of the Analysis Cycle: Scanning SPR Microarray Imaging of Autoimmune Diseases [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 8. Advanced Methods for SPR Imaging Biosensing [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 9. Surface Plasmon Fluorescence Techniques for Bioaffinity Studies [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 10. SPR Imaging for Clinical Diagnostics [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 11. The Benefits and Scope of Surface Plasmon Resonance-based Biosensors in Food Analysis [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Chapter 12. Future Trends in SPR Technology [DOI] [.pdf]
    • Subject Index [DOI] [.pdf]